Developing Business Advantage
Data Synchronization XML Web Services: On-line and Off-line data collection
Using XML Web Services and SQL Server we have developed a data management layer that allows organizations requiring data collection from locations with limited internet connectivity. This synchronization engine allows users to access a fully function copy of the corporate web application while offline. Users may then synchronize the information with the master server when a connection is available. This has proved to be particularly useful for field staff using laptops in remote regions for extended periods of time.
This solution provides a number of benefits aside from the ability to collect information in a disconnected environment. By using the same application interface user training is minimized and provides consistent enforcement of data collection rules as per the application defined business logic. This method also allows for more robust protection against information loss due to stolen equipment since the data stored at offsite locations is encrypted on the SQL Server. Information is further protected using context-based synchronization which limits the information deployed in the field to only that information relevant to the given location.

Sage Accpac Data Analytics:
BKY has developed a data warehouse taking some of the most critical aspects of Sage Accpac databases and presenting common performance indicators. This data warehouse provides companies with either a site-deployed or hosted analytical tool. This tool provides managers with a simple drag-drop interface that display results immediately thus avoiding restricted reports that take minutes to generate a single analysis.
This analytical tool encompasses the following modules for Sage Accpac: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Bank Services, Project Job Costing, Order Entry, Inventory Control.