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University of Alberta
Company Name: University of Alberta
Project Name: Mobile Diabetes Screening Initiative (MDSi)
Project Summary:
The Mobile Diabetes Screening initiative (MDSi) was implemented in 2003 as part of the Alberta Diabetes Strategy and funded by Alberta Health and Wellness. MDSi is run out of the University of Alberta led by Dr. Ellen Toth. Since then, MDSi has traveled to 23 communities (Métis Settlements and other rural, remote or off-reserve Aboriginal communities) in Alberta providing increasing awareness of diabetes risk and providing diabetes screening services.
Technical Details:
BKY developed a synchronization engine that allows remote teams to access a snapshot of the core database while also allowing new information to be recorded for future synchronization with a central server. The project required data integrity to be maintained even though we would have numerous teams distributed throughout Alberta all of which requiring full functionality of the application as well as enforcing privacy protection imposed by the provincial and federal governments. This solution was developed using an entirely XML web service driven data collection backend to satisfy the long-term goals of netCARE integration using Health Level seven (HL7) standards for interactivity with electronic medical records (EMR).

Organizational Health Inc.
Company Name: Organizational Health Inc.
Project Name: Organizational Health activity support and information system (OHasis)
Project Summary:
Organizational Health Incorporated (OHI) is an independent, Canadian health management company supplying health and disability management solutions to employers, union members and insurance carriers. BKY was selected for the creation of a web based solution that enhanced OHI’s ability to provide disability case management, employee and family assistance programs, worker’s compensation services as well as consulting and absentee management services. The solution needed to be scalable to reflect the steady growth of the organization as well as satisfy the needs of clients requiring complex real-time integration with the services provided by OHI.
Technical Details:
BKY developed a core web application known as OHasis that balances data accessibility with the security, auditing requirements and best practices detailed by relevant regulatory bodies (i.e. PIPEDA). The significant security measures implemented needed to account for information access from multiple sources including a suite of XML web services that allow controlled access by various clients to their information while protecting the privacy of employees. Further to the technical challenges associated with security is the ability for users to generate analytical reports based on dynamic criteria using a web interface.

Construction Labour Relations - Alberta
Company Name: Construction Labour Relations - Alberta
Project Name: Rapid Site Access Program (RSAP)
Project Summary:
The Rapid Site Access Program (RSAP) was developed by union, contractor and owner stakeholders as part of an overall approach to safety and loss management. RSAP is a voluntary program that is an alternative to site access testing. It is not imposed by owners or contractors. Workers qualify for the program and enter into an agreement with the third party case administration. As part of that agreement, workers agree to be subject to random testing while on work time.
Technical Details:
The RSAP project involves the sharing of information across many diverse systems ranging from third party case administrators and testing administrators to unions and contractors. The time sensitive nature of this information requires a solution that is flexible across diverse development environments. Using centralized XML web services as well as developing a framework for remote web service integration we were able to provide authorized parties with a gateway that allows critical information sharing while regulating this information flow using exhaustive security protocols.