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Becker Keating & Young Technologies Corp. (BKY) is a Canadian based database application developer focused on web based delivery of information management systems. Incorporated in 1999, BKY has been delivering highly specialized data solutions for almost 20 years. Our areas of expertise predominately involve Microsoft based technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server and the Microsoft .NET framework.

Industries of focus are predominately related to Health Care and Oil & Gas. The solutions we provide are based on trusted best practices such as strict data normalization for operational solutions and data warehousing techniques for analytical solutions. Our data collection products share similar aspects with our data warehousing solutions in that we are often tasked with integrating both solutions with external data. These external data sources range from separate applications within the organization to information maintained in third-party databases requiring real-time integration across development platforms (XML web services between Microsoft & non-Microsoft environments). Many of the products we develop complement existing Health Informatics and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environments.